Welcome to IC-AMME 2018

International Conference on Automotive, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Engineering. This conference is a part of CIRAE (International Multi Conference on Innovative Research and Applied Engineering), more information available at cirae.petra.ac.id. The conference will be held in :

Bali, Indonesia on 26-28 Sept 2018.

Location : Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Organized by : Mechanical Engineering Dept and Continuing Education Center, Petra Christian University


The decrease of natural energy reserves encourages researchers to search for alternative energy and more efficient equipment and machines. As an effort to contribute in distributing research outcomes, the Mechanical Engineering Department of Petra Christian University conducted national conferences in the past 12 years.
To reach a broader audience, starting from 2018 the ME Department conducts an international conference, an event that is expected to allow local researchers to interact with their overseas fellows. In addition, this conference is designed to encourage local authors to publish their research works in reputable journals and proceedings.
We invite researchers from any countries to join the International Conference of Automotive, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Engineering (IC-AMME) that will be held in the magnificent Bali, Indonesia.

Mission and Goals

  • To enable researchers to publish their results
  • To facilitate collaboration between local and overseas researchers

IC-AMME Poster

Download poster here.